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The Loyalty Ladder: What Do You Have?

The Loyalty Ladder: What Do You Have?
Jun 27

Before we can start an effective coaching and consulting process with an advisor or team, it helps to understand where certain opportunities might exist; we call those “Opportunity Gaps”.

Loyalty Ladder_Cover

While the list of consulting programs we provide at USA Financial is long, we’ll focus here on how we help advisors identify what is really happening with the people they serve.

This is the first of two revealing exercises; this one called The Loyalty Ladder.

In order to maximize this particular Opportunity Gap it is important for us to ask our advisors "What do you have?" Or, asked another way, "Who are you working with?" That is why when we start working with an advisor or a team we never ask, “how many clients do you have?” It's an inappropriate question. What we ask instead is “how many households do you serve?” We start with that larger number and then break it down into three categories: Customers, Clients, and Advocates.

The first group, Customers, we describe as people that are doing business with you, but we also know they're doing business elsewhere. It may be that they do their wealth management with you but perhaps they’re doing their risk management and insurance someplace else, or it could be that they have a second advisor, just to mention a couple of examples. Obviously, we’re not downplaying the revenue that these folks generate, but typically these relationships are a product of timing and/or convenience and they rarely progress further with your practice.

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