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Our company is rooted in the insurance industry. We started our USA Financial Insurance Services in 1988 as our first company with a goal to help clients mitigate the risks facing them as they plan for and later enjoy their retirement years.

We’re an Independent IMO (independent marketing organization) and FMO (field marketing organization) that helps build your practice across all carriers and/or products. For years, we’ve said that we’re not your typical FMO / IMO. But what does that mean? We place value in relationships and planning over products. It’d be a disservice to you and your clients if we didn’t provide solutions that better position investor clients for the future.

Why we’re different than the rest.

You’re already wearing multiple hats and want to get in front of as many people as possible, but barely have the time. We get it. That’s why our firm’s Straight-Through-Processing (STP) platform was built to create efficiencies and modernize the submission of opening and maintaining accounts electronically.

This system was developed by our team to ease your burden by requiring less time to process forms, which creates fewer opportunities for errors by ensuring each page is correct before submission, and of course allowing for e-signatures.

Our industry has relied on paper for so many years and while we’re starting to see a shift towards similar services like this one in recent years, we’ve had this system in place for several years and have found ways to improve it. After all, we know you want more time with your clients to better manage relationships.

We partner with a wide range of carriers that offer annuities and life insurance.

Curious about how we can help your practice?  Discover how USA Financial Insurance Services could fit in. Get started