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General FAQs

USA Financial is an independent financial firm that’s committed to providing quality financial solutions and guidance to clients, like yourself, throughout the country through our experienced group of independent financial advisors.

As a client, you value the relationship you have with your financial advisor as they help you plan for the future. USA Financial believes there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every client, which is why our firm was built to include a family of independent financial companies that offer robust financial solutions that provide personalized plans to help meet your financial goals. Each client has a unique situation and requires individualized attention and recommendations, which is why we empower advisors, like yours, with the tools required to make solid recommendations and informed financial decisions.

USA Financial is headquartered in Ada, which is a small suburb just outside of Grand Rapids, Michigan. USA Financial also has a satellite  office in Overland Park, Kansas.

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Independence means free from outside control. USA Financial is a family of independent financial companies that are not owned or controlled by a larger institution that could impose certain mandates on how or with whom business is conducted. We believe that serves in your best interest as the advice and recommendations are then specific to your unique needs and financial goals. We feel that providing advisors with a robust platform of solutions affords them the ability to independently choose options that meet your needs without distraction by outside corporate influence.


A turnkey asset management program (TAMP) allows advisors to streamline their investment management process and efficiently manage client’s assets. It’s a modern solution that often enhances the client experience by providing a personalized investment experience. Advisors are provided access to a variety of investment options such as portfolio construction, rebalancing, performance monitoring and reporting.

USAF Formulas

Portformulas utilizes a number of different investments to help our investor clients meet their goals. Each Portformulas strategy has its own specific set of criteria that dictate the types of investment that will be used. While the majority of strategies utilize individual equities (stocks), we also provide strategies that utilize Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Mutual Funds.

The strategy that you invest in will be carefully evaluated by your financial professional. Every strategy has its' own formulaic criteria that is evaluated in order to determine the holdings for the specified period of time.

It is important to understand that USA Financial Formulas is not the custodian of your assets. We work closely with a number of large, third party institutions that provide custody services for our investor clients. Our clients appreciate the arms-length distance we maintain with our custody partners.

We work closely with a network of financial professionals throughout the country. We believe that it is important for our investor clients to have a professional with whom they work that has a greater understanding of their "big picture." Investment management is just one piece of the comprehensive financial planning puzzle. It is important to note that our network of financial professionals are not employees of our firm. They are independent professionals that provide independent financial guidance to clients throughout the country.

Our minimum account size is $35,000. Each strategy has its own minimum investment amount, but the majority of the strategies have a minimum of $15,000.

The investment management fees vary by account type and size. Before investing, please review our firm's ADV brochure.

Portformulas clients enjoy the fact that the management of their account is done without the conflict of traditional brokerage commissions. While typical trading commissions aren’t present in a Portformulas account, ticket charges still apply. Trading outside of the beginning of the month could result in higher than usual ticket charges.

For a list of fees and trade costs please defer to the Portformulas ADV.

The majority of Portformulas strategies are reviewed monthly. This means that the individual formula governing the strategy is re-run at the beginning of every month. As a result, the holdings in each strategy may change from month to month, and so your overall portfolio will reflect those changes. These changes are very transparent to the investor. In fact, every strategy's formula is published for investors to review.

Your financial professional can help you with this answer. The real answer is that it depends upon your overall financial goals and your financial plan.

Each strategy is designed to accomplish something different, and each strategy has its own level of risk. Furthermore, the risk management component of each strategy may vary slightly. Talk with your professional about how the various strategies may complement one another inside of your overall plan.

Risk management is at the core of everything we do. With that said, investing in the equity or bond market will always involve some element of risk. A small cap equity strategy will carry a different level of risk than a preferred stock strategy. This needs to be factored in as a part of your overall portfolio. While Portformulas strategies provide a high degree of liquidity, they are not designed to be short term investments.


A broker-dealer is a financial services firm that is in the business of buying and selling securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and certain other investment products). Securities-licensed financial professionals are required to affiliate with a broker-dealer in order to buy and sell investment products on behalf of their clients (investors).

A broker-dealer is regulated under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Additional regulatory authority is provided by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), which oversees the activity of broker-dealers throughout the United States.

In addition to being a broker-dealer, USA Financial Securities is also an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. An RIA is an entity that is compensated for providing investment advice about securities to its clients. These entities, and their representatives (known as investment advisor representatives), are registered with either the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or a state securities regulator. Investment advisors may provide financial planning solutions for a fee (hourly or project rate) and/or may be compensated for the assets in which they help manage. USA Financial Securities is registered with the SEC.


USA Financial Insurance Services is an independent insurance wholesaler and distributor. Insurance and annuity distributors play a vital role in the financial services profession, serving as a wholesaler of consumer-based insurance products. Many insurance companies work with distributors to help bring their insurance products to market. A distributor works with financial professionals to introduce the products of insurance companies.