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USA Financial Exchange gives you more flexibility and control by providing an open-architecture TAMP solution with access to many investment strategies from a curated group of investment management companies.

This empowers you to create a custom portfolio unique to your clients’ objectives all under one account.

Access to hundreds of strategies from institutional partners.

When it comes to your clients, you understand it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we provide access to a robust and diverse selection of investment options from several strategic institutional partners.

Each institutional partner is selected carefully through review of their accomplishments, history, compliance adherence, and strategy objectives. We believe this ongoing research not only provides choices, but ones that you can trust to be included as part of your clients’ investment portfolios.

Our Mission

USA Financial Exchange challenges the conventional, one-dimensional approach to investment diversification by creating a platform that allows for a comprehensive approach to combat the many risks that threaten the long-term success of your investment portfolio.

Why USA Financial Exchange?

We offer you the flexibility of three paths for investment management that can either be used independently or alongside each other. This varies based on how your practice is set up and how you like to work. You’ll have access to a wide offering of ETF and NTF funds with which to populate holdings in models, as well as access to equities and funds in implementing your management strategies.

Advisor Integrated Management

This path makes you the portfolio strategist, allowing you to manage multiple accounts at a block trade level. Leverage PortfolioHQ to easily manage and track hundreds of accounts with the click of a button. Advisors are free to pair their own strategies alongside the strategies of institutional managers to build the ideal portfolio for their clients.

Advisor as Primary Manager

With this path, each client portfolio is managed uniquely. An Advisor as Primary Manager (APM) account allows you to “de-sleeve” an portfolio, which may be desired to preserve legacy holdings, address unique tax scenarios, or provide a completely customized portfolio. 

Strategy Select Management

Choose a mix of strategies from multiple asset managers all under one account. Rather than selecting one investment manager, this allows you to diversify and customize a client’s portfolio to their unique set of goals while managing it seamlessly in one location. Plus, having this mix of strategies in one account translates into one set of paperwork and one location for all your reporting. In short, better for the client and better for you.

Manage your portfolios and streamline reporting.

You and your clients will have access to multiple asset managers and strategies within a single UMA (unified managed account) which not only provides flexibility but allows for simplified fee structures and the ability to achieve diversification. You’ll love seeing how streamlined the process becomes through our PortfolioHQ system that allows you to be more efficient with a scalable asset management solution that supports your needs.

Custodians we partner with.

We have relationships with several of the largest third-party custodians in the financial services industry and we continue to evaluate new opportunities to expand our offerings. A custodian is a financial institution that holds customers' securities for safekeeping, as well as a variety of other services including account administration, transaction settlements, and tax support. If you're curious if we use any the custodians you're currently leveraging, reach out to us.

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Investor Information

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