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Since 1988, USA Financial has delivered proven tools and processes that help independent financial advisors make their practices more predictable.  

Relationships with current and prospective clients are key to your success, which is why we work with you to strengthen those relationships and grow your practice through asset management, financial planning, integrated technology, embedded operations, incorporated compliance, conversion-based marketing, coaching and consulting, and business alignment.

Our motto of "Plan first. Invest second."™ guides us both internally and externally. 

A family of independent companies.

Our comprehensive solutions connect and empower advisors with the tools, systems, and services they need to grow their practice—all in one place.

USAF subidiaries--Exchange



Our TAMP (Turnkey Asset Management Program) was introduced in 2016. This custodian agnostic platform leverages the latest in technology to give you more flexibility and control by providing an open-architecture solution. Manage the assets yourself or outsource it to any of the hundreds of investment strategies from a curated group of investment management companies.

What's in it for you?

  • Single account that supports hundreds of passive, active, and risk-managed models
  • Technology that will transform your practice

Learn more about our TAMP

USAF subidiaries--Formulas



As a third-party asset management firm introduced in 2006, USA Financial Formulas is a formula-driven, rules-based asset manager focused on the use of formulaic trending for risk management.

What’s in it for you?

  • Process-driven, active risk management
  • Investment management free of emotion-driven decisions

Learn more about our third-party asset manager

USAF subidiaries--Securities


Founded in 1998, USA Financial Securities is a full-service Registered Investment Advisory firm and broker-dealer.

What's in it for you?

  • Built for growing AUM while supporting legacy brokerage business
  • Wide-ranging investment products and solutions

Learn more about our RIA/Broker-Dealer

USAF subsidiaries--Insurance


USA Financial Insurance Services, as it is known today, was formed in 1988 as our first company within the USA Financial family with the goal of helping clients mitigate various risks facing them as they plan and enjoy their retirement years. USA Financial Insurance Services is an independent FMO/IMO  (independent/field marketing organization) that helps financial professionals understand the products offered from a wide range of insurance companies.

What’s in it for you?

  • Exclusive partner group access to leading industry products
  • Annuity and insurance plan design that embraces the role of investments inside of a plan

Learn more about our FMO/IMO

USAF subsidiaries--Advisor-Advancement



Advisor Advancement is a service company committed to advisor success through the development of financial advisor marketing systems, brand building, technology and personalized coaching/consulting programs.

What’s in it for you?

  • Cross-platform branding, lead generation, and marketing system development
  • Access to our technology offerings and coaching/consulting programs to refine and scale your business

Learn more about our marketing/technology/coaching

It’s all about independence.

At USA Financial, we believe in planning over products and focusing on connections over strict asset requirements. Independence means more than not being controlled by a larger institution. It means your business needs come first. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for every client and every financial practice. That’s why our firm includes a family of independent financial companies to support your business as it grows.

Fast Facts

Organic growth since 1988 with the same ownership team since 1995.

Elite Inc. 5000 honor roll 5-Time Honoree which only 1 in 25k achieve*. 

Comprehensive wealth-focused business model crafted in 2000.

Multi-subsidiary company structure for ideal regulatory benefit.

Executive team's average age is 50 with 18 years average tenure at USAF.

* Less than 1/10th of 1% qualify for the annual Inc. 5000 list (1 in 1,000) and only 4% of those qualifiers (1 in 25,000) achieve the 5-time honor roll.

Advisors often refer to us as their “last stop” as they routinely stay with us long-term.

We wear this as a badge of honor.

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