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We work with advisors who are committed to our “Plan First, Invest Second” approach to wealth management. We believe the plan drives the investment decision, not the other way around. Whether you want to outsource investment management to institutional asset managers or serve as the investment manager yourself, USA Financial has you covered.

You’ve got options.

For registered representatives

As an independent broker-dealer, financial professionals who function as Registered Representatives (RRs) will have access to our various investment options that are offered on a commission basis. These include variable annuities, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, real estate investment trusts (REITs), and more.

For investment advisors

Whether you affiliate with us as an IAR (Investment Advisor Representative) or RIA (Registered Investment Advisor), you’re free to manage client assets yourself or leverage our platform and gain access to a host of managed strategies via USA Financial Exchange.

Prefer to manage the assets yourself? No problem.

Want to outsource the asset management to third-party professionals? Done.

PortfolioHQ by USAFinancial (logo)

PortfolioHQ operates as your all-in-one hub to help you build a better client experience while making your practice more efficient.

Use the Analyzer tool to objectively review and compare portfolios across a wide range of attributes like exposure breakdowns, expenses, risk factors, and much more. It’s as easy as:

  • Uploading their current portfolio in seconds.
  • Evaluating that portfolio with your recommendations.
  • Sharing the 100% customizable presentation to help you demonstrate the value of your recommendations.

With just a few clicks, you can upload their current portfolio and compare it side-by-side with your recommendations.

Portfolio management made easy.

You’ll love how streamlined the entire investment process becomes, freeing up your time and creating efficiencies within your practice to help you scale the growth of your firm.  

USAF Portfolio Management screens

Investments-Asset-Management--Analyze Risk

Analyze risk

Tailor the client’s portfolio to their specific risk number without the clunkiness of hopping between risk tolerance software tools.



Manage client accounts at a sleeve level to create scalability inside your practice.

Investments-Asset-Management--Paperless Process

Paperless process

Reduce NIGOs by entering data once and having it populated on all forms.

Investments-Asset-Management--Identify Tax Efficiencies

Identify tax efficiencies

Leverage the tax loss/gain harvesting tool inside of the software to proactively plan for tax-smart management of investor assets.


Rebalance with ease

Identify portfolio/model drift outside of your predetermined targets to help make rebalancing a breeze.

Investments-Asset-Management--Custodian Agnostic

Custodian agnostic

Prefer one custodian over another? No problem. We do account opening, trading, and tracking in one place.

Unemotional investment management.

Challenge the conventional approach to investing—driven by individual decisions—with our unemotional investing approach. Our investment solutions were designed to provide both flexibility and diversified options, allowing you to build portfolios for a range of investment goals in any market conditions.

Formulaic Investment Solutions

You recognize the importance of integrating risk management into the portfolios for your clients, but that’s easier said than done. Founded on the belief that the stock market has trends, our strategies seek to help your clients find the right balance between taking investment risk and managing it.

Based on internal research by our USA Team, formulaic strategies were developed to specifically remove the emotion from the investment management equation. In addition, we offer a host of other strategies from external research partners.

USAF Formulas (logo)

A custom portfolio within one account.

This multi-dimensional approach allows you and your clients access to dozens of investment strategies from a carefully curated group of investment management companies. In other words, USA Financial Exchange is our Turnkey Asset Management Program (TAMP).

This greater flexibility streamlines management for you while providing benefits like streamlined statements, account access, and comprehensive tax reporting for your clients.

USAF Exchange (logo)

Rethink Diversification

Each client has their own unique set of goals and levels of risk tolerance. Navigating your clients to a chosen portfolio plan can be a challenge. Here at USA Financial, we’re continuing to monitor market changes and provide offensive and defensive tools that aim to both smooth out market volatility and seek long-term growth.

With a Unified Managed Account (UMA), we developed USA Financial Exchange, a multi-dimensional approach to investment portfolio diversification. Your clients want a comprehensive plan to combat the risks that threaten the long-term success of their portfolio. This approach addresses some of the emotional and cognitive biases facing your clients.

Traditional asset class allocation
Exposure among a wide range of sectors, companies large and small, value- and growth-focused companies, fixed income exposure, or globally diverse. Asset allocation aims to balance risk and reward by apportioning a portfolio's assets according to an investor's goals.

Active risk management strategies
Market trends and/or momentum-based exit strategies can be made along with formula-based indication strategies, fundamental, technical, quantitative, and qualitative analysis. Diversifying amongst different risk management approaches is becoming the preferred method for those that appreciate active management. 

Investor stage
Allocations are made with the client’s time horizon in mind and a clearly defined purpose for each strategy. It factors in things like income distribution needs, asset designation (purpose driven), and defining income withdrawal into specific time blocks.

Tax optimization 
There’s an adage that says “it’s not about what you make, it’s about what you get to keep.” Savvy advisors, like yourself, work with their clients to diversify client accounts by tax status and factor short-term and long-term taxability into the portfolio decision process.