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The RARE Advisor: The AUM Jeopardy Cycle

The RARE Advisor: The AUM Jeopardy Cycle
Mar 16

There are some mind-blowing statistics that make up the AUM Revenue Jeopardy Cycle. And once you understand them, you can use them to your favor – to protect your existing assets, but also to capture new assets. We’ll take a closer look at the numbers in this episode of The RARE Advisor.


The RARE Advisor is a business model supercharged by Recurring And Repeatable Events. With more than thirty years of working with and coaching successful advisors, host Mike Walters (along with other leaders in the industry), discusses what it takes to grow a successful practice. With the aim of helping financial professionals and financial advisors take their business to the next level, Mike Walters shares insights and success stories that make a real impact. Regardless of the stage of your practice, The RARE Advisor will provide thoughtful guidance, suggestions for developing systems and processes that work, and ideas for creating an authentic experience for your clients.

The RARE Advisor is part of the Advisor Advancement Network, powered by USA Financial and committed to empowering financial advisors and financial professionals since 1988. Advisor Advancement was born from a desire and a need for our contributors to communicate with the financial advice community in a much different way. Created by industry professionals committed to advancing the advisor profession one video, blog, podcast, and tweet at a time. We talk about practice management, marketing, compliance, business development, and a myriad of other things financial advisors may want to hear, rant, or lament about.

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