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Achieving Professional Scarcity and Professional Contrast

Achieving Professional Scarcity and Professional Contrast
Apr 24

Recently I had the chance to join a very good friend, mentor and colleague of mine, Duncan MacPherson of Pareto Systems, on his podcast “Always On”.


I joined Duncan to discuss the state of our industry as it continues to change and evolve with increasingly new technology and virtual based offerings. While technology in our business is an amazing thing, it can underscore opportunity gaps when it comes to perfecting and elevating the client experience while ultimately increasing the enterprise value of a firm… These things are the very foundations of the work we do with our advisors at USA Financial.

Key topics discussed:

  • Why The Words Matter
  • The Human Nature Component in every client interaction
  • Creating Professional Contrast in an era where “in person” is getting lost while it is being valued more and more by clients
  • The difference between being “Referred” and “Introduced
  • How Practices are becoming “Introduction Only

If you find the information interesting and want to discuss further, contact me here.

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