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Chief Practice Management & Development Officer

Steve Phillips is the Chief Practice Management and Development Officer, joining USA Financial in 2019. He leads the coaching and consulting team working with USA Financial advisors to increase the enterprise value of their firms through tailored ongoing and evolving practice management initiatives.

In addition to Steve’s integral role within the coaching team, he works with the sales team to develop strong and productive partner relationships with advisors. This interconnective approach between coaching and sales is one that strategically elevates the overall client experience provided.

Steve has decades of industry experience. He started out in a small family marketing business with his dad in 1991. After seven years in the family business, he spent the next 14 years working at one of the largest IMOs in the industry, serving as Director of Education before becoming the Chief Sales Officer. Following his time there, Steve spent a couple of years as Chief Sales Officer at Annexus. It was around this time that it became clear to him that the wholesale side of our industry needed to do more to assist in the ongoing growth of advisory practices. This thought led him to what has become a non-stop, intense focus on individual-focused consulting and practice management.

Steve has since partnered with Pareto Systems, starting in 2010, before starting his own practice management company, The Advisor Protocol, in 2014. Having known Mike Walters, Brent Enders, and many members of the USAF team for 30 years, it was an amazing blessing and opportunity to have his business acquired by USA Financial in 2019. The like-mindedness around the approach of providing ongoing coaching and consulting programs with a focus on advisors with whom we are a "fit" and best suited to serve and partner with over the long term has made an immense difference in Steve’s career and life, as well as those of his team—and of course, the careers and lives of the advisors we serve.

Plain and simple, practice management and business development done correctly provides long-term sustainability of practices and relationships.

Steve and his wife, Laurie, have two daughters, Lindsay and Leigha; he’s grateful for his amazing family. In his spare time, he took up birding 30 years ago, and considers himself a “bird nerd.” He spots them while out hiking, walking through any park, wildlife refuge, beach, or woods. In addition to the awesomeness of the hobby, being out in nature is his "church" and where he goes to get away, decompress, focus on what really matters and re-charge. And yes, he also keeps a life list, which is nearing the 500 species mark!

Steve Phillips | USA Financial
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