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Advisor's 12-Step Reset for Predictable Growth, Value & Lifestyle

Advisor's 12-Step Reset for Predictable Growth, Value & Lifestyle
Aug 30

A smooth 12-step process uncovered and discovered, over a 35+ year journey, that generates a predictable practice with automated revenue and lifetime reward.


Why it Matters...

There is no single silver-bullet to become an elite advisor or to run an elite practice. However, there is a chain-of-secrets. These steps (aka, the secrets) effectively string together in a chain that allows for small hinges to swing big, heavy doors – making massive improvements in your overall growth, the value of your business, and the lifestyle you enjoy.

What's Covered...

#1 - Push the Buttons, Pull the Levers (must needed systems & processes)
#2 - The Family Doctor Retains the Patients (gathering 100% of the assets with the ACP system)
#3 - Focus on What You're Most Highly Paid to Do (kill your RPM and other distracting activities)
#4 - Base Transactions to Magnetically Gather Assets (foundational accounts free up equity investing)
#5 - Create a Perennial Recurring Revenue Stream (targeting AUM/AUA and other systematic fees)
#6 - Make Your Customers' Decisions Easy (keeping in the public eye with a proprietary formula)
#7 - Duplicate your Best Clients without Referrals (regenerate ideal clients over and over again)
#8 - Stop Trying to Find Your Mini-Me (start building around the rainmaker)
#9 - Abandon What You're Not Wired For (stop doing paperwork and other BS)
#10 - Increase Your Worth by 20% Instantly (how to track your private stock price)
#11 - Biz Owned by Family Smokes a Family-Owned Biz (a job is worthless; a business is valuable)
#12 - Institutional Combat vs. Collaboration (the partnership that is rocket fuel for success)
BONUS - Protection Against the #1 Loss of Client Assets (winning with the non-financial spouse)

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