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Two Little Phrases That Instantly Triple Your Closing Ratios

Two Little Phrases That Instantly Triple Your Closing Ratios | USA Financial
Jun 6

In a moment, we’ll share four little words that make up two of the most powerful phrases you absolutely need to incorporate into your daily interactions … with clients, employees, vendors, and in some cases … spouses. We have no doubt that these two phrases, when used correctly, will forever have a positive impact on your life.


Our firm has the great pleasure of working and consulting with successful advisors throughout the country. The truth is, we all want the same thing: We want a greater level of success. Everyone’s definition of success is different. Advisors we work with want a higher level of personal income. Some are focused on building a more efficient business, and some just want more free time to enjoy the successes they’ve worked hard to achieve.

There are only three ways to increase your level of success.

When we share these three variables with advisors with whom we consult, there’s usually an instant moment of clarity. The irony is that these three success variables aren’t earth shattering, but having a clear understanding of the impact they can have to your bottom line is essential.

Success Variable # 1 – Wallet Share
If you get more wallet share from the clients you currently have AND from prospective clients, you’ll drive more revenue to your firm. This is accomplished by adding products and services into your overall mix. (It’s no surprise that our top advisors have multiple licenses and represent multiple different product lines.)

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