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Guide to Building and Growing Your Advisory Business

Guide to Building and Growing Your Advisory Business
Nov 15

The decade’s-long trend toward fee-based advisory business was validated as financial professionals faced the global pandemic in 2020. While professionals relying on new clients for revenue via transactional business found themselves in a predicament as the country went on lockdown and people stayed home, those with recurring revenue streams from assets under management (AUM) were able to navigate the choppy waters with far less revenue fluctuation in their businesses.

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While the trend toward AUM has been growing for the past decade, there appears to be a perfect storm triggering demand. The current market conditions have investors clamoring for active participation in the stock market. Meanwhile, regulatory changes seemingly favor the business model where conflicts of interest can be reduced or eliminated.

This puts financial professionals in a position to introduce investment advisory services or grow their current AUM. This guide will share 30-years of insights, tools, and best practices for growing and managing AUM whether you’re just getting started or have been doing it for many years.


  1. Setting yourself up for success.
  2. Understanding TAMPs.
  3. Legal stuff.
  4. A different kind of growth.
  5. Your questions answered.

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