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Future Zeros

Trade Secrets to Grow & Monetize Your Advisory Practice w/ Min Risk and Max Value

Join us!

Predictable Growth.
Predictable Outcomes.
The Predictable Practice.

Shorten the learning curve to maximize the value of your practice and create future zeros for yourself... all while doing what you love and delivering your clients an unmatched experience.

Submission does NOT register you for the event. You will be contacted shortly after submission to discuss the event and next steps.

What You'll Learn

Future Zeros: Your Path to Monetization

Defining the 3, 6, and 9 Year Outlook for Your Firm

  1. Unlocking the Magic of 3, 6, and 9-Year Plans: Discover why these timeframes are the secret sauce for skyrocketing your practice.
  2. Staged Transition Mastery: The must-follow strategy for seamless evolution, no matter your timeline.
  3. Three Phases of Practice Evolution: Decode the ultimate growth blueprint for unstoppable success.
  4. Perfect Strategic Partner: The game-changer who can turbocharge your firm’s future.

Staging for What's Next (Whenever That May Be)

  1. What Capital Partners REALLY Want: Insider secrets that turn potential partners into eager investors.
  2. From Income Producer to Business Builder: Transform your role and multiply your earnings.
  3. Books & Records Masterclass: The hidden pitfalls that sabotage advisors and how to effortlessly avoid them.
  4. The Business vs. Job Dichotomy: Why buyers crave businesses and shun jobs – make your firm irresistible
  5. Value-Maximizing Processes: The crucial systems that will skyrocket your firm’s valuation.

Determining What's Next

  1. Capital Partner Pros & Cons: The ultimate guide to making the right decision for your future.
  2. Sell and Stay or Sell and Go?: The definitive answer to what's best for you and your legacy.
  3. Legacy Keeper: Find the perfect advisor to continue your legacy with finesse.
  4. Growth Through Acquisition: How to leverage external capital to elevate your firm’s value to new heights.

Getting the Most from the Second Bite in a Staged Transition

  1. Maximizing Your Second Bite: Strategies to boost your valuation and secure your future.
  2. Operational Efficiencies Unleashed: Leverage your capital partner to streamline and enhance your operations.
  3. Future Payday Lock-in: Ensure your multiples are top-notch and your future payday is secured.

The Mechanics of a Deal

  1. Negotiation 101: Master the art of deal-making and know what’s always up for grabs.
  2. Earn-Outs vs. Cash: Make the smartest choice for your financial future.
  3. EBITDA vs. Gross Revenue Multiples: Which one maximizes your take-home? Find out now.
  4. Buyer-Seller Dynamics: Understand the core of what’s being exchanged to craft win-win deals.
  5. All-at-Once vs. Staged Transition: Choose the strategy that ensures maximum payoff.

All of This, PLUS...

  1. Current vs. Future Worth: Get a crystal-clear view of your practice’s value today and tomorrow!
  2. The Focus Four Drivers: Uncover the essential growth and value drivers that can revolutionize your business.
  3. Sell a Piece Now, Later, or Both?: Strategic insights into partial sales for maximum liquidity.
  4. Creating Liquidity: How to unlock the hidden cash value in your practice.
  5. Future Multiples Today: Secure top multiples now to guarantee your future financial freedom.

The Predictable Practice (Your Ideal Practice)

Brand Yourself as the Expert

  1. Crystal-Clear Value Proposition: Ensure clients grasp your unmatched value instantly.
  2. Brand Power for Referrals: Use your brand and proprietary process as a magnet for high-quality referrals and introductions.
  3. Client-to-Advocate Conversion: Turn satisfied clients into passionate advocates.

Financial Advice Marketing

  1. Pre-Marketing Must-Do’s: Two vital exercises before you spend a cent on marketing.
  2. Predictable Marketing Funnel: Build a rock-solid funnel for a steady flow of clients.
  3. Trust & Credibility Building: Simple tactics to skyrocket trust and third-party validation.
  4. Ideal Client Marketing: Choose activities that attract your dream clients like a magnet.
  5. Scalable Marketing Systems: Systematize your efforts for exponential growth.
  6. Website Conversion Magic: Transform your site into a client-generating powerhouse.

Appointment Protocol

  1. Client Engagement Blueprint: Streamline acquisition with a defined engagement process.
  2. Trusted Advisor Positioning: Establish yourself as the go-to expert in your market.
  3. Commitment Stages Leverage: Master the three stages to secure new clients effectively.
  4. Efficiency Systems: Create systems that ease client onboarding and boost your efficiency.
  5. Psychology of Acquisition: Understand the mental triggers behind successful client acquisition.

Financial Planning

  1. Simplicity Wins: Discover why keeping it simple attracts more clients.
  2. Pitch-Free Business Wins: Secure new business without the hard sell.
  3. Philosophy Buy-In: How sharing your philosophy draws clients to you.
  4. Asset-Cycle Portfolio Success: The proven system that has brought advisors decades of client retention.

Investment Management

  1. Three Key Questions: Help clients understand their accounts with ease.
  2. Effortless Efficiency: Cut down on research and enhance portfolio management with top-tier technology.
  3. Practice Management Excellence: How to "right-size" your practice without dismissing your clients.
  4. Client Experience Elevation: Perfect every interaction to create unforgettable client experiences.
illustration--coworkers round table

The Best Part? Implementation and Execution.

You don’t have to “go it alone.” As an experienced implementation and execution partner to hundreds of financial advisor practices across the country, our team loves getting their hands dirty and partnering with right-fit advisors to help them achieve a predictable practice. If we both agree that there’s a mutual fit worth exploring, then we’ll meet you wherever you’re at on your path to monetization and creating future zeros inside of your practice.

Who Should Attend?

Does your practice feel like you’ve hit a glass ceiling? This event combines two powerful and highly engaging meeting formats: an interactive executive panel and the open dialogue of an intimate mastermind roundtable session. This workshop dives deep into the processes that bridge the gap between “possible” and “predictable.”

This one-day event is chocked-full of valuable information for the successful advisor -- but it isn't for everybody. This event will appeal most to entrepreneurial-minded advisors who:

  • Recognize the importance of process and systems (but may struggle to implement)
  • Are ready to maximize the value of their practice (regardless of when you may wish to exit fully)
  • Believe in “process” and are open to ideas
  • Are done with “winging it” year after year
  • Want to ditch the 50-60+ hour work weeks

Many attendees may find themselves wrestling with the answers to these questions:

  • What do you want to occur in your business in the next 3 to 6 to 9 years?
  • What is your ultimate exit strategy?
  • How will you ever get chips off the table?
  • When do you plan to transfer the operational risk of your business to somebody else?
  • Do you wish to grow through acquisition? If so, do you have a capital partner that allows you to target acquisitions?
  • Can your NextGen (Gen 2) advisor afford to buy you out?
  • How do I find my next generation advisor?

Event Location

Meeting Location:
USA Financial
6020 E Fulton St
Ada, MI 49301

Workshop 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Dinner 6:00 PM

JW Marriott Grand Rapids
235 Louis St NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

* Registration costs, travel, and lodging will be covered by USA Financial

Grand Rapids-1

What Advisors Are Saying

If you're still not sure, don't take our word for it. Here's what a few of our previous attendees thought after attending our workshop:

I've been doing this for 20 years. And it's the little tweaks that changed how I look at doing business - understanding process and slowing down but accomplishing more.

John S., Michigan

The event was very impressive. The mindset isn't about watching every nickel and dime. It's about providing service to your clients and practicing what you preach.

Doug B., Texas

My time horizon for exiting the business is 4-6 years. I wish I had access to the information shared in this session a decade ago.

Bill L., Missouri