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Chief Technology Officer

Greg Lockwood is the Chief Technology Officer at USA Financial, joining the firm in 2007. He leads the teams tasked with building, acquiring, and maintaining the technical systems our team and advisors use to be successful in their roles. In addition, he is responsible for ensuring the firm’s technology and tech practices meet industry standards for protecting sensitive information from cyber-attackers.

Greg is forward-looking, dedicated to making sure USA Financial’s technology meets needs well into the future. For many years, he’s played a vital role in the continued success of the company by implementing processes and systems that address the needs of the team, advisors, and clients. Through Greg’s technology leadership, he has improved the efficiency and security posture of the internal team, as well as the advisors and clients affected daily by the systems employed by the firm.

With over two decades of experience, Greg is a veteran of the information technology field. He graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications.

Greg Lockwood | USA Financial
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